VSDC Year 1 Milestones

VSDC Year 1 Milestones

VSDC Milestones / Accomplishments

VSDC Platform Development

  • Developed an Initial Small Sat Capabilities Inventory
  • Developed a Small Sat Data Downlink Architecture
  • Formulated and Began Development of Va. Open Data Cube

What it does

  • Serves as an open-source data curation system.
  • Aggregates time-series satellite, citizen-contributed, government and potentially industry provided data
  • Supports problem exposure and novel solutions

Who it is for

  • Commonwealth Industry, Citizens, Government Orgs.
  • VA Transportation studies
  • Local Covid-19 reporting
  • Commonwealth Infrastructure — Flooding Prediction/Response, Transportation Efficiency, Solar Power Efficiency, River Health and Wildfire Risk Analysis (MITRE Space UIX)
  • Citizen science campaigns
  • Novel data science activity
  • Any problem that could use wide scale data
  • Investors in data entrepreneurship
  • Researchers and Educators

What makes the VA Open Data Cube novel?

  • Comprised of a fusion of multiple datasets
  • High-fidelity VA-based datasets
  • An integration of data sharing solutions with the VSDC framework

Upcoming activity – Year 2

  • Transition to cloud-based services
  • New companion applications
  • Presentation of enhanced data cube capabilities to the VSDC community advisory board
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