DataPreneur Podcast Teaser 03: Data vs. Value

DataPreneur Podcast Teaser 03: Data vs. Value

Jason Krantz talks about the meaning of “value” when it comes to data.

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Today, join David Perkin’s, Entrepreneur in Residence for VSDC, for the third segment of his first interview with Jason Krantz, CEO and founder of Strategy Titan – which is a data advisory and consulting firm. This is from the DataPreneur podcast, where David hosts interviews with data scientists and subject-matter experts about their practical experience in both data science and entrepreneurship as part of the VA Smallsat Data Consortium, which is a statewide program led by ODU and Virginia Tech to stimulate data science startup companies in the commonwealth of VA.

In the third and final part of this interview, Jason and David discuss what value means with respect to data and analytics, and what can turn data into dollar signs.

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