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Tips to add Strong Reasoning and Dramatic Flair into an Argumentative Essay - 2021 Guide



An argumentative essay presents the position or stance of the writer on a given topic and gathers evidence to support the stance or position. The major goal of an argumentative essay is to present a logical position on the issue. This position should also be ethical and right. A good argumentative essay needs a clear and strong thesis statement. Body paragraphs present evidence to support the thesis college essay



Researching through various sources is an important part of all forms of essays but it is even more important in an argumentative essay. Some topics will need facts and figures to be supported while some other topics may only require the theoretical aspects. An expert essay writer will come up with the appropriate kinds of resources for any given essay. It is important to note that more research may not be necessary for the essay but it should be valid and relevant.


If your stance has already been taken by some author, you have to read through that and should add some extra points to the argument developed. You can also take the opposite point of view as compared to what has been written in the past. This will help you in many ways, you can oppose all the points presented by the writer with the help of ample research material. You have to make sure that the points made by you make enough sense.


Choice of topic


The choice of the topic also plays an important role in the argumentative write my essay. Some topics may not be supported with enough evidence whereas some others can be. You should choose a topic that provides you with enough evidence. You should avoid the topics which can produce a heated discussion or that will be only one-sided. You cannot justify the use of alcohol or other drugs. 


Similarly, you should not make the argumentative essay look like a compare and contrast essay. 

You have to brainstorm through several topics. Some topics may be discussed in news and through other media. 


The thesis statement


This is the backbone of an argumentative essay because all the evidence will revolve around it. This essay writer can be used to add some dramatic flair to the essay. The thesis statement should be written in a way that can be interpreted positively or negatively. 


The sky is blue


The above statement is a mere fact so it cannot be used to develop an argument.

To maintain the color of the sky, governments have to implement clean air legislation.


The second statement is a better argument because it will allow the writer to prove it with the help of research. The strength of arguments will be judged by the steps taken by the various governments around the world to clean the environment. The dramatic flair can be added to the topic by presenting the consequences of ignoring such actions. This will also make your argument much stronger because the reader will see both sides of the write my college essay.


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