DataPreneur Teaser 07: The Uncertainty of Space-Based Data – Complications, Convolutions & Anomalies

Our space experts explain the factors contributing to the inherent uncertainty of space-based data, and data in general.

Welcome once more to the VSDC blog! In today’s short installment of DataPreneur, David Perkins – host and entrepreneur in residence for VSDC – guides our returning space experts on a conversation about what makes space and space-based data so complicated. they touch on everything from the inherent uncertainty of all measurement, to the ever-changing trajectories of the many objects that must be navigated in a growing field of space junk surrounding our planet…

The experts joining David again this week are:

Dr. William Edmondson, who has spent the last 14 years performing research in the area of small satellites with a  focus on communications computing systems engineering, and technology development for SWARMS.

Dr. Kimberly Scott, Co-founder and VP of data science at Astraea, a geospatial analytics startup in the commonwealth of VA and who has an extensive background in space and space data, specifically studying galaxies and the fundamental nature of the universe.

And Dr. Bob Ash, a distinguished professor at ODU with an extensive background in space and physics, including space systems engineering, marsh exploration, and extraterrestrial resources.

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