VSDC Advances Virginia’s
Data-Driven Future

VSDC platforms and programs build on Virginia’s rich history of entrepreneurship and innovation.


We seek to grow Virginia’s data-market capacity and support the governor’s vision to make Virginia a leader in the development of cutting-edge data policy. 

VSDC Goals

Virginia-based businesses and stakeholders from multiple economic spheres have the potential to be dynamic leaders in national and global data markets. VSDC initiatives aim to tap into this potential, integrate with business and industry, create community, and make this vision a reality.

Data-Centric Events


In concert with our partners in industry and academia, VSDC special events are designed to foster entrepreneurship, and inspire communities to develop, sustain, and grow data-driven technologies for societal benefit. VSDC events are integrative: presenters, participants, and partners will reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

VA Data Ecosystems


We explore data user ecosystems and cultivate professional communities to develop, sustain, and grow data-driven small businesses and partnerships for the public good.

VA Open Data Cube


We have established the United States’ first regional open-access satellite data cube to help Virginia’s online communities identify problems and provide solutions.

Commonwealth Industry Analytics


VSDC is developing architecture to identify core analytics across multiple industries, and to pair appropriate metrics with user-driven data to help private business concerns determine market viability for their activity.

VSDC Community Platforms


This ‘living’ software platform is a community-centered initiative designed to build upon Virginia’s rich history of entrepreneurship. The platform which is currently in development will be responsive, scalable, and data-supported. It will integrate data with real world business and industry needs, and accelerate economic growth by connecting people with data that makes a difference.

Entrepreneurial Frameworks


Alongside our partners, VSDC is developing tools and frameworks to provide legal support for businesses evolving from VSDC initiatives.

Data-Centric Events

VA Data Ecosystem

VA Open Data Cube

Commonwealth Industry Analytics

VSDC Community Platform

Entrepreneurial Frameworks

VSDC Is Creating Infrastructure
to Connect Virginia’s Diverse Data Communities

Fostering a Culture of Data Sharing for Emergent Needs

The city government’s Geographic Information System assembles collections of datasets vital for geospatial analysis and map production.

Growing Innovative Data Solutions for Agriculture & Industry

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains, data from a grant-funded AgBot quadcopter drone with full-spectrum camera is helping Virginia farmers make finely-targeted decisions about their crops.

Supporting Maritime and Defense Interests

Data gleaned from Port Access Route Studies (PARS) determines the necessity of additional vessel routing measures in the Chesapeake Bay and directly impacts shipping, maritime safety, homeland security, and marine ecosystems.

Integrating Data Sets to Envision the Future of Space Exploration

NASA’s Flight Facility in Virginia successfully launched a Suborbital Technology Experiment SubTec-8 sounding rocket. SubTec-8 allows scientists to study multiple regions in space simultaneously, transmitting rocket data four times faster.